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Prosthodontics in Marion, WI

Complete & Removable Dentures for a Beautiful Smile

If you are missing one or more teeth, it is important to see a prosthodontist who can improve the appearance of your smile. Prosthodontics specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients who have missing teeth. Prosthodontics also deals with complicated dental issues, such as TMJ and full mouth reconstruction.

A prosthodontist receives two or three years of additional training after dental school. Dr. Chris Gilling is a fully trained prosthodontist and can care for your prosthodontic needs, whether you want a “smile makeover” or just a partial denture.

Complete Dentures
Complete dentures, also known as a full set of dentures, are used when most of the patient's teeth are decayed or gone. Dentures are less expensive than implants and sometimes a better option for patients depending on their individual set of needs.

Since dentures are removable, they can sometimes shift in your mouth and it takes time to get used to them. They will never be exactly like your natural teeth, but with advancement in prosthodontics dentures look very natural and usually are very comfortable.

At Gilling Dental, we are proud to offer full dentures two different ways. We offer immediate dentures and conventional dentures. Immediate dentures are very appealing since the dentures are placed right away, meaning you will never be without a set of teeth. The risk with immediate dentures is that the bone reshapes as it heals, which can cause the dentures to become loose as the healing process takes place. With conventional dentures, once the remaining decayed teeth have all been removed and the tissue has fully healed over a few months, we will then fit you for dentures. During this healing time you will not have teeth.

Removable Partial Dentures
Removable partial dentures are a comfortable, esthetic and economical option. The denture is crafted from plastic or porcelain and placed depending on where the teeth are missing. With removable partial dentures, they are equipped with metal or plastic clasps that will clip onto the remaining teeth and allow them to be more stable in the mouth. Our dentists make it their goal to ensure the denture looks as natural as possible and fits in with the remaining teeth in your mouth. We will work one-on-one with you and discuss your options and what would be best for you.

Implant Retained Dentures
Implant supported dentures are another great prosthodontic option that we perform at Gilling Dental in Marion, WI. This type of denture is considered an “overdenture” and is supported by and attached to implants as opposed to just resting on the gums like a typical denture. An implant retained denture is completed by using a thin metal bar or small metal studs that attach to existing implants in your mouth. The denture will fit over the bar and is easily clipped into place to avoid any shifting in the mouth. Like normal dentures, these will need to be removed regularly for cleaning and should also not be slept with at night. Implant supported dentures can be done on either or both the upper or lower jaws.

Implant Retained Fixed Partial Dentures (Bridges)
Implant retained fixed partial dentures, also known as “crown and bridge” dentures, are done when only some of your teeth are missing, implants have been placed, and the dentures are ready to be affixed to the implants. Fixed dentures are highly recommended since they don't slip out of place and you can still enjoy eating whatever you like while you wear them. These dentures are secured in the mouth using titanium implant posts, making them stronger and more stable.

If you believe you would be a good candidate for implant retained fixed partial dentures, come in for a no obligation consultation with one of our dentists. We will go over your options with you and determine what would be best for your needs. Call us at 715-754-2505 today!

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